The police killings

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The Police Killings No One Is Talking About
Part 1
Cases of abuse by law enforcement have been on the rise, especially against minority
groups. The source outlines some of the issues Native Americans have undergone over the
years. One major issue that has led to the abuse of the law by police officers is that there is a
leadership failure at the highest levels. Most junior officers committed the offenses since they
were aware that their seniors would not investigate, suspend or even condemn their actions
(Native Lives Mater 4). Mostly, the primary goal of the article is to call to attention the unfair
new coverage that Native Americans often receive even though they undergo that same
unjust and senseless police brutality that other minority groups also face even though they do
not receive the same attention.
The media often avoided any issues affecting minorities, and sometimes they face a
media blackout. The Native American People undergo brutality and racial profiling at the
hands of police, which often arises during traffic stops or even when they commit a crime
their consequences tend to be severe (Native Lives Mater 2). For instance, the killings of the
Suquamish tribe were however rampant. Most of the journalists and researchers kept quiet on
the matter. When the Suquamish trial leader was killed, his story received fewer words in the
paper in comparison to a Rosebud Sioux man who was killed while threatening to commit
suicide. The media blackout was due to the social configuration of the country where such
occurrences among natives are accepted and even ignored (The Police Killings No One Is
Talking About par. 5). For instance, the native youths are often placed in confinement at a
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higher rate in comparison to the general population. This is commonplace, especially in states
such as Montana, Dakota, Alaska, and South Dakota. Furthermore, of all the youth that are
confined to a facility, 74% of them are native American (Native Lives Mater 7). The story
also shows that there was unfairness occurs once they are jailed. An example is provided of
an Alaska Native Gilbert Joseph who died while in jail, and his case is just one of the many
that remain unsolved (The Police Killings No One Is Talking About par. 6). Due to police
brutality, the minorities are still not safe even if they are in a jail cell.
Part 2: Critical Analysis
Violence and discrimination period is a significant part of the history of America,
where a member of the minority group is oppressed. Native Americans are treated as second-
class citizens by police, and they constitute the most dominant tribe in modern America, but
is equally the most oppressed in the country. The natives receive unfair media coverage, and
this only means it is impossible to raise awareness about the issues they are facing and also
calling for changes to the justice system (The Police Killings No One Is Talking About par.
America is often framed as Black and White, while the native Americans are often
ignored by the mainstream media. Violence and discrimination over the years provoke the
native Americans to change their view of the latter. In many cases, the Native Americans lack
trust in the justice system, which also means that they would not be willing to report any
crime that occurs within their communities.
The current issues facing Native Americans can be argued as having been invoked by
the media. Resolving to term a resident as a minority, only because the media implies so can
be viewed as unjust. Stereotyping has acted as an advantage to those able to exploit it, for
example, the misconceptions about minorities also arise in the media since the story of the
native is ignored, which eventually leaves them to become minorities who will require
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protecting in future. The media is supporting the social injustice. It strips the resident of
rights entitled to him. Furthermore, racism may deny them work opportunities and work as an
obstacle to their advancement.
The violence and discrimination Native Americans undergo in the hands of the police
is a characteristic of an underlying social problem. It needs to be resolved before it gets out of
hand, and maybe the native Americans could respond in a manner that is not acceptable such
as causing violence to demand their rights. It is imperative to ensure that native Americans
receive the right treatment like the rest of the population since they are still Americans. The
US population is comprised of diverse cultures and people, and this is a need to accept an
individual who is from a different background. If this does not occur soon, the social fabric of
the society is at risk.
In conclusion, the media has been a significant cause of the issues facing minority
native Americans. Most of them are undergoing brutality at the hands of the police, which the
media turn a blind eye against. The law enforcement is supposed to protect the entire
population equality. However, due to their discriminatory practices, the native Americans
will con8ne to undergo racial profiling and abuse without any help. There is a need to be
aware of the social issue to find a solution.
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Works Cited
Native Lives Mater (n.d)
The Police Killings No One Is Talking About. (17, Oct 2016) Retrieved

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