The Recommendation Report Briveni

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The Recommendation Report Briveni
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The company
Briveni is a financial institution that is designed to provide accounting and financial
services to business that need expertise in accounting and financial services. In the beginning,
Briveni targeted small-scale businesses that could not afford a full-time accountant to provide
services such as monthly statements reporting and statutory accounting. The company also was
able to advise its clients of statutory requirements needed to conduct business in different states.
Also, they would provide services that would inform business owners their business risk ratios
and financial statements analysis, future forecasts and budgeting for growth and expansion.
Just as per any business owner expectation, Briveni business was forecasted to grow.
Therefore, like businessmen who wish to expand and outgrow their limits, planning and
analyzing the prospects is important to the business and the security of clients (Ransom, 2014).
The company started with ten employees who were paid an average salary of CPA's and CFA's.
Their main function was to conduct visits to clients who needed our services across Florida and
neighboring states. We did not need a large space because most of our activities during service
were hosted by the in the clients. But with the current and future growth expectation, it is
inevitable for the company to plan strategies of running the business with a broader width of
Location and Analysis
Currently, the company is located in Florida a state which fosters private investment and
economic growth (“Florida Economic Estimating Conference 2017).In the past two years, the
company has managed to get a large clientele base that has seen the need to increase the number
of employees to fifty-six. Some of these clients have started to have regular visits to our offices,
which have contributed to gaining more confidence in our services. The reason for this report is
to show you the analysis made on the need to relocate the main offices. The findings suggest
moving it to Missouri based on three critical factors which include skills, cost of living, and
Reasons for Relocation
The state of Missouri has a lower skilled workforce than the state of Florida. According
to United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation (2014) ratings, Missouri level of educated
individuals is not broad and efficient. Although Florida has no highly skilled labor workforce,
Missouri is still inferior. For this reason, entrepreneurs in Missouri State would need more
specialized assistance on how to manage their business accounts and finances. A better skilled
labor force in Florida has been promoted through the efficiency of their higher education
standards. The state has provided affordable college education that has led to a better-skilled
workforce in the state. On the other hand, Missouri has not invested much in education, and the
population has no enough skilled workforce to meet the small scale business demand in the
The existence of a lesser skilled population in Missouri provides a better market for our
company. Currently, the Missouri state government is determined to support small business
growth by funding and providing easy capital for startups (Missouri Economic Report 2016). As
more capital is pumped into the state's economy the more the need for professional business
startup consultancy. As a company that provides accounting and financial services for small-
scale businesses, the services will come in handy by providing the small scale businesses with
guidance relating to financial issues, management, and capital accounting at low costs. The
educated population in Florida would not consider hiring financial accounting services compared
to the population in Missouri. Moreover, the population is skilled enough to handle the difficult
financial decisions and accounting principles that need expertise.
Graph 1. Workforce in Missouri versus in Florida from 2008 to 2016.
Note. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics: United States Department of Labor. 2017.
The statistics above show the comparison of the number of skilled labor available in Florida vs in
Missouri. It proves there will be high demand for more skilled labor in Missouri with the
increasing growth of small and medium companies.
Cost of living
The cost of living in Missouri is much lower than the one in Florida. The cost of living in
Florida has been substituted by the low tax rates imposed in the state for businesses to have a
good tax climate. As the state improvises a good business environment, the cost of living
becomes the cost of opportunity. As a result, these costs circulate back to the business making
the business have higher operation costs (United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation,
2014). Unlike in Missouri, the cost of living is low and skilled employees from other states can
be convinced to relocate to the region.
Currently, Missouri is the seventh in the rank of the lowest cost of living state in America
(Missouri Economic and Information Center, 2017). These statistics provide a favorable
condition for employees to survive in. As a company that is looking forward for further
expansion, setting up the main office in Missouri will be a great idea. The chances of convincing
skilled labor workforce from other states to work for our company will be easier. This will
enhance the company’s ability to serve the rising demand of its services in Missouri. See the
graph analysis below.
Graph 2. Cost of Living in Florida versus in Missouri
Costs in Missouri that are above Florida
Costs in Missouri that are below Florida
Note. Retrieved from PayScale: Human Capital (2017). Cost of living Calculator.
0% is the actual cost of living in Florida (The graph bars compare the cost of living in Florida
versus in Missouri)
0% is
cost of
The demographic condition in Missouri provides a good platform for expansion than the
one in Florida. First, Missouri shares the borders with seven other states and is a docked state as
opposed to Florida which shares their border with only two states and the ocean (Missouri
Economic Report, 2016). Therefore setting the main offices in Missouri will provide a centrally
located position to expand in other states efficiently. Moreover, it will save the company legal
costs of cross-border fees to do business in different states.
Demography has been confirmed to spell financial trouble in several cities in America
(“Small Business Administration n.d.). Florida is one of the states faced by demographic issues
that can affect the financial status of a company (Maciag, 2016). Missouri has a fewer number of
dependents than in Florida Who stretch the economic services thin. A large population in
Missouri depends on themselves and has to work to earn a living. Although the workforce may
be unskilled, it will provide the company with available casual workers to run daily operations at
cheaper costs.
Graph 3. Rate of Dependency in Florida versus in Missouri from 2008 to 2016..
Note. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics: United States Department of Labor. 2017.
The graph above proves the dependency rate in Florida is higher than in Missouri over the recent
The challenge the company is likely to encounter in moving to Missouri is the
unfavorable tax climate in the state. The encouraging factor is that there is a virtual assumption
that the customers turnover expected will set off the excess taxes charged in the state compared
to Florida. Another challenge includes the lack of skilled workforce, which will force the
company to employ workers from other states. The cost of convincing these workers will
increase the costs of operating and hence a disadvantage to the business.(“Small Business
Administration n.d.”).
Conclusively, setting up the main business offices in Missouri will assist the company to
grow to the next level. The state provides enough demand market for our services. It is centrally
located, which means expanding to other states will be easier and quickly compared to Florida.
In general, the gains outweigh the challenges expected in setting up the main offices in Missouri.
Therefore, shifting the main offices to Missouri is an advised business decision that will help the
growth of the business.
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