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The Roaring Twenties in the United States of America
The state of modern-day US was founded by the changes and events of the 1920's.
During this decade, America experienced great developments ranging from the film industry,
music to politics. This era brought new perspectives towards life and the economy resulting in a
milestone towards financial growth. It was during this era that great inventors and scientists
developed life-changing inventions. This essay focuses on the events and their effects on the
American legacy.
After the end of World War 1, America focused on normalisation. Normalcy was vital
following the crumbling state of the American economy caused by the war. Warren. G. Harding,
the then president of the US, promoted the normalcy policy by ending free immigration and
increasing the tax on imports. Consequently, America's economy grew immensely making it the
highest and robust economy in the world.
Moreover, inventions and introduction of new technology also contributed to the growth.
Henry Ford led other inventors after making the Model 1 car, which he sold over fifteen millions
of the model (Harrison, Sharon and Mark 390). The popularity of Ford's model saw many
Americans owning cars and the state improving its roads and infrastructure. Additionally,
electric power became available and accessible in the 1920's.
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Furthermore, the film industry and art department were reborn in this era. Walt Disney in
the roaring twenties founded famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. Film theatres were built
to cater for the audiences who went to experience first moving pictures and silent movies.
Charlie Chaplain comedy was at its peak (Amidon, Maria and Jennifer 1). Furthermore, new
dancing styles like Charleston and Black bottom styles were influenced by the popularity of Jazz
music in the 1920s.
Steady economic times made machines and technological gadgets to affordable. As a
result, they bought cars, radios, television and other products, which initially were expensive.
Accessibility to radios and televisions promoted sports and fashion. Radio and television
broadcasts made sports influential with celebrity players like Babe Ruth. Consequently, film
stars and athletes gained fame from their fans that saw or heard them on the radio.
Moreover, the social and political fabric changed for the better in the Victorian era.
Politically, women gained the right to exercise their democratic right of voting. Additionally,
they left the Victorian mode of dressing and wore short skirts in defiance to the Victorian
traditions. However, only a small percentage of women afforded the new fashions as women
were discriminated and compensated at a lower rate compared to men despite having equal
A regular supply of farm produce was observed following the application of Machinery
in farming. Nonetheless, the machines were too costly for some farmers that led to urbanization.
Advanced infrastructure and the growth of cities like Chicago and New York, attracted people to
move into the cities (Nicholas, Tom and Scherbina 290). Additionally, modern building
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technologies were introduced, and historical buildings like the Empire State building marked the
roaring twenties for America.
Despite the economic growth, the African-American, women and other poor Americans,
lived in poverty. The blacks endured persistent racial discrimination in politics and social
settings. While consumerism led to the growth of the economy, the crashing of Wall Street in
1929 ushered in the Great Depression in the US. Consequently, America ceased being the
greatest economy in the world.
In retrospect, the roaring twenties were the glory days for America. A stable economy,
advanced technology and scientific inventions made it a superpower. The economic success
lasted for a decade and later the country went into depression followed by the Second World
War. These events shook the core of the American economy and crashed the hopes and dreams
of the citizens. However, the country later rose to economic greatness and is among the most
influential economies in the world today.
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