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U.S History 2 - Discussion
Discussion 1: Accounts of the Wounded Knee massacre was conflict between North Indians
and American government representatives that left 150 Native Americans dead. It was a blood
thirsty massacre where military acted as a buffer between Whites and Indians. President Black
Harrison described the atrocities in this massacre as representation, culmination of Indian
resistance and conquest of the West. According to President Elk, the atrocities were a symbol of
colonial repression and native resistance for indigenous people globally. The military has put down
a lethal insurrection organized by Sioux which was also a true depiction of Sioux resistance. The
vision according to Elk was revenge which he viewed as solution to the massacre. On the contrary,
he perceived soldiers actions as beneficial to Native Americans. Their families would be better
positioned as a result of accumulation of wealth received from expanding waste land into farming
Discussion 2: If I were a man by Charlotte Perkins
The things that surprised Mollie most was the sight of a poor woman who was distanced from her
son as a result of her feebleness. To an extent, she could not dress herself and she suffered from
post- partum depression. She secluded herself and locked herself into the room and permitted the
wallpaper to drive her crazy. Consequentially she becomes obsessed with the wall paper and gets
the notion that there is a woman behind the wall paper whom she is compelled to free. The husband
is dismayed to find her in the room acting crazy. Perkins addresses feminism and in particular the
role of white women`s submission as a result of their gender. Gender has determined the social
position of women. However, being dependent on men for finances has deprived them off freedom
and independence. Stereo types still exist since women are still considered to be a minority.
Additionally, according to Perkins, feminism is what distinctly defines the difference between a
man and a woman.
Discussion 3: Happiness in Marriage by Margaret Sanger
According to Sanger, happy marriage is all season and is able to stand the test of time. In recent
generations marriage should be built on the foundation of love and the use of birth control pill
epitomizes the whole journey. The use of birth pill will help the recent generation to have Planned
Parenthood which as a result will culminate into a happy marriage. She is of the opinion that child
bearing should be viewed positively and not as a process that keeps the husband off his wife due
to unattractiveness. Women have become more independent and cannot be forced into child
bearing. Moreover, issues in marriage can only be handles by the two parties involved and not by
intervention of third party.
Lesson Four: Share Our Wealth by Huey Long
The intention of Long`s program was to provide decent living standards to all Americans through
spreading the resources of the nation. His radical plans were to limit each person to earn a
maximum of $50 million while he gave suggestion to a man owning not more than $10- $ 15
million in one`s life as a way of ensuring equality of resources and eradicating poverty. He
advocated for free higher education and vocational training, health benefits for veterans, pension
for the elderly and stipend for families that earned less than a third of national average income. He
was of the idea of giving employees a month`s vacation and shortening the working week.
Additionally, he proposed debt moratorium to enable struggling families have more time to pay
off their mortgages instead of losing their collateral to creditors. He was successful and his
assertion increased support for his ideas. Most of his ideas became a reality for instance Social
Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as Housing Assistance.
Discussion Five: Transcript of the Roosevelt- Molotov Meeting
This was a meeting between President Roosevelt and Russia Commissar Molotov that revolved
Russia`s quest for help from U.S. There was evidenced struggle between the German Army in
Russia and Molotov wanted the Americans to help them get rid of Germans in the Soviet soil. He
believed a `second front’ should be opened because it would weaken the Soviet army. It would
also make the war take a shorter duration and be easy. Amidst this, Molotov was worried that if
the war prolonged, it would be more difficult to eliminate the Germans and Hitler who by then
ruled majority of Europe would gain more power and popularity. The war would also have been
determined in 1942, otherwise Soviet Union would be forced to fight alone.
Discussion Six: The Southern Manifesto
The Southern Manifesto was a resolution which condemned the decision of Brown against Board
of Education. Brown was perceived as having abused judicial power in school cases. The law
stipulated that no individual was denied any of his rights if the states gave separate but equal public
facilities. Supreme Court exercised their judicial authority and substituted their personal interests
for establishment of the law in the land. The manifesto was against segregation in schools and
advocated for school systems to change and consider all schools to be equal. Also, it culminated a
trend in Federal Jury undertaking legislation to determine upon by the reserved rights of the states
and its people. The Government had the capacity and mandate to accord its people security against
judicial usurpations and reserved rights of the state.
Discussion 7: Dissenting opinion on Vietnam
This entailed a memo written by George Ball to President Lyndon Johnson due to the chaotic
situation of ongoing war in South Vietnam. He advised the U.S not to commit more troops but
instead utilize those who are already on the ground and seek amicable and peaceful ways of
bringing the war to an end. Da Nang region was under attack from the Viet Cong which resulted
to weakness of Saigon regime. This eventuality was catastrophic and Johnson was deemed to act
and stop the communist from overtaking South Vietnam. Ball suggested a negotiation settlement
and urged the American government to expedite their presence in South Vietnam. Johnson was
compelled to concur with Ball because he did not want to lose South Vietnam to communists.
Discussion 8: Bush`s Gulf War Address
The address was necessitated by the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait. Iraq invaded Kuwait and
exhibited cruelty and cruelty towards the Kuwaitis. There was allied air force attack on military
targets in both countries and the U.S was at the verge of seeking diplomatic solution since Saddam
Hussein the president of Iraq then seemed unwilling to leave Kuwait. Hence, Arab leaders also
endeavored to find an Arab solution in an effort to restore peace and justice. Peaceful solution was
hard to come by and eventually Saddam had to be forced out of Kuwait by American, 28 other
nations and UN forces which was a success.

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