What is better iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8

What is better: iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8?
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What’s better: iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8?
Mobile companies today are pulling up their socks to respond to the changing needs of
their customers and utilize the current innovations in the smartphone market. New handsets have
been introduced into the market and users have not been able to settle on the most effective
models that meet their needs. This paper presents a comparison between iPhone 8 and Samsung
Galaxy S8. The comparison surrounds their designs, displays and camera features. Both the
models are flagship-tier phones and have plenty to offer, but Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most
effective model because of its exceptional performance and unique features.
To begin with, Samsung Galaxy S8 has more attractive design and physical attributes.
The features of iPhone 8 are still old because they resemble those of iPhone 6. It even has an old
home button that has a Touch ID, polished aluminum sides together with a bezel at its top and
bottom. The phone has no headphone jack as well. The only new change in the phone is its
matching panes of glass placed on its back and frontal parts (Helostein, 2017). On the other
hand, Galaxy S8 has display curves at its sides together with a small bezel on its bottom and top
regions. The model has sports glass on the front and back sides. It also has an additional
headphone jack on its base together with a micro-SD card slot that increases its storage capacity.
The S8 also has a faster wireless charging system because it comes along with friendly charging
pucks (Hughes, 2017).
Moreover, Galaxy S8 has advanced display features compared to the iPhone 8.
Basically, the Retina HD display for iPhone 8 has the same pixel density of 326ppi. It has only
been upgraded regarding True Tone and a color gamut that improves its contrast and colors. The
model still has 3D Touch, a feature that was used in iPhone 6s. On the contrary, Galaxy S8 has a
Super AMOLED display with a higher pixel density of 570ppi. This pixel density makes images
and text to look sharper on the Galaxy S8. Additionally, Galaxy S8 has an OLED display which
is composed of saturated and attractive colors (Eron, 2016). Its new Active Display features help
in saving the battery life because it gives the user date, time, notifications as well as media
controls. This feature only lights the required pixels and promoting efficient battery management
(Hughes, 2017).
Furthermore, Galaxy S8 stands out as the best camera phone. The iPhone 8 has only
one 12-megapixel rear camera. It also has True Tone flash and an optical image stabilization
feature. However, the phone has no secondary sensor hence it has no essential features such as
portrait mode, telephoto zoom, or portrait lighting (Helostein, 2017). On the other hand, Galaxy
S8 has a more efficient single 12-megapixel rear camera. This camera can capture numerous
details, and it can shoot even when the light is low. Moreover, the model has OIS with an added
features of manual controls that help the user to tweak focus, white balance as well as other
features that enable the user to take a better shot (Eron, 2016).
In a nutshell, the Galaxy S8 comes along with more advanced features and capabilities
that make it more user-friendly. It has multiple multitasking capabilities and new features that
give the user a more appealing experience as compared to the iPhone 8. Moreover, its
performance is faster, and it has specialized features as compared to iPhone S8.
Eron, A. (2016). Rumor Said That Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have 4K display and dual camera.
Helostein, V. (2017). iPhone 8 Plus: Beginner’s Guide.
Hughes, B. (2017). Samsung Galaxy S8 For Dummies. John Wiley & Sons. Gack Davidson.

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