Womens Studies Interview Project

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Women’s Studies Interview Project
Factors currently affecting our modern day society are extensive and so is their range.
However, the most sensitive of them being segregation and inequality. Much emphasis has to be
placed on the fact that being silent about an issue does not make it go away. The only way to a
solution is by talking about the matter and from the discussions coming up with a solution to the
matter. The movers of society have to realize that all those that are weak depend upon them for
support and whether of different race or gender it is up to the leaders to come up with better
solutions to their outcry.
Interview One
Do you think the American patriarchal system is being eroded?
To begin with, America is still patriarchy in the words most basic meaning. However,
compared to the older version of the American patriarchal system women have fought relentless
battles to get to where they are right now and also gain ground in their pursuit of equality in society.
An example attesting to what I’m saying is how we all witnessed Hillary Clinton vie for the
presidency. Though she did not get the seat, the event itself was something to be marveled at and
congratulations to her. The power to change the outlook of the entire nation does, however, lie in
the hands of the people. In the previous elections, men have won the elections despite having a
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female candidate also vie for the seat, much note has to be placed on the fact that men contributed
less than half of the votes while women are majority voters (Phillip Cohen, par 1).
So what is your judgment on the matter of women empowerment and do you
believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was a woman?
I do believe that women have not yet understood the current effect they may have on
society if they do realize their potential they could change the tide on how things are perceived
and yes I do believe that she lost because she was a woman. Much of the factors that should also
be looked upon are much of what I’m saying about women being shown the power they have and
just how much they could achieve (McLintosh, p 2).
What do you think have been the key drivers of women recognition in the society?
The traditional setting of women being the objective of balance and stability in just the
family setting is changing and they are now moving masses and borders by taking up matters of
leadership, decision making and even other current affairs affecting the globe like global warming
(Enloe, p 4). The biggest milestone that they may have attained in the use is the current numbers
they have stepped up in to make rational decisions. Women are now more actively involved in
politics by filling up cabinet seats and give men a run for their money on how they handle issues
and the progress they make in the economy.
What do you think are areas that can be improved on towards creating a more
inclusive society in terms of gender?
For starters, their eyes need to be opened by educating them on the power they hold and
how to use it wisely. Roles have to be given alongside men in the workplace setting for the women
who want to have those roles and as they progress encouraged to carry on in the chosen field
formerly dominated by the male sex (Johnson, p 2). More seats are created in the political setting
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to ensure that the women get to have a say in the decision-making activities and also get to alter
the process of how activities are run.
Do you feel that other parts of the world are also catching up in terms of gender
Progress being made by women in other parts of the world is quite notable and more
milestones are to be expected of them. The former female Muslim dynamic of being voiceless and
having no opinion is daily changing, with the first step in the right direction being placed in
educating the female woman. By enabling her to get an education, she is constantly being
enlightened and the former norms of her being voiceless in an economic world constantly being
eroded with every lesson she is taught. The backing by international organizations like the UN
(United Nations) is helping revolutionaries their movement. Though the progress is slow it will
sooner than later become clear in all of these nations since a ripple gradually grows into a wave.
So are you of the notion that progress is just progress no matter how small it is or
how long it takes.
I am of the notion that the wave is already here and nations like Indonesia while having the
world’s largest populous Muslim nation having an equal number of boys to girls in class and
Turkey being very close to eliminating the gender gap (Asadullah, par 10).
Is marginalization still prevalent and if yes what other groups do you think require
emancipation from marginalization?
Yes, it is still present and some of the people still feeling its itch are the immigrants, the
people of color and the LGBT people. These groups are still experiencing a lot of criticism in the
current society and the struggle they have to face with each passing day is still visible.
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What are your thoughts on LGBT people?
The concept has risen in the modern age and the traditionalists and primitive folk may not
accept it. Like all formally marginalized groups, it is a fight that they will have to make for them
to be accepted in society and for them to rightfully earn their freedom from marginalization.
Is the church system perpetuated to discriminate against women?
The Catholics have a saying that unjust discrimination is wrong whoever the same can beg
the question that there might be some sort of just discrimination. However, the biggest kind of
discrimination that they may face is in terms of leadership and role as pastors but this is
continuously changing with women being even more roles in leadership and making decisions.
How best do you think women can access education and should we have special
programs for women in the program?
I don’t think any special programs should be made to facilitate women’s education but they
should be inserted in the ongoing pool since the field they will be entering into after their education
will not be any special.
Interview Two
Has the racial landscape in America changed and how?
Former president Barrack Obama’s presidency played a big role in changing the racial
dynamics in the American society, with the first impression giving hope to the black people as
having one of their own being the figurehead of the nation. The stated is a major playing factor in
the change, the Obama era saw a new set of problems whereby most of the deaths occurred through
police altercations with the black community. Interracial marriages in the modern society also
create a blurring factor in the subject matter.
Surname 5
Do you feel that Black Americans are better off today than they were a century ago
and in what ways?
The American Black man has accomplished milestones in regard to his right to freedom
and prevalence against inequality in the society. All things still considered the current black man
is still better off than he was a century ago whereby most of the rights were derived of him and
segregation was the root core of how day to day was. Though some more effort has to be placed
for there to be complete equality in the community we live in (Smith, p 4).
What do you think of America’s first African American president, President
President Obama as an individual is a man of reputation and that he has shown by how he
would handle situations and address people. Looking from the perspective of him as a president,
then his accomplishments speak for him. In just his eight-year era, he has left a big difference from
when he first was elected and the current state speaking in term s of technology, demography, and
racial diversification.
In your opinion did president Obama’s election represent a fall of the iron curtain
dividing the White and Black Americans?
To some extent, President Obama’s election did create a margin on the racial divide in
America and created a sense of unity in that the White American man was not completely blinded
by skin color but by a man’s capabilities. The curtain did not completely fall per-say but it did
break in two. The race antagonism still exists but not comparable to how it was a century ago.
According to you did Obama effectively advance the agenda of Black Americans?
Critics in the modern-day continue to prejudice over the advancement of the African
American objectives during the Obama era. In the same way that much critic is placed, much
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acknowledgment has to be placed on the fact that the African American community has highly
reaped of the era with changes being made in various sectors. Labour increament has been made
possible by the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit which is currently
responsible for providing for about 2 million of African American families. Improvement of
infrastructure in African American populated regions in terms of health facilities and education.
What are the next frontiers of black struggle in America?
Complete elimination of segregation of the African American’s in the state is one of the
borders that will hopefully achieve with time. Complete elimination of the lawless killing of the
African American man and equal right representation to every person and the state. More
involvement in decision making regarding political matters that change the state and
implementation of more laws that promote an equal society.
What can consolidate the gains Black Americans have made so far?
The very topic we were talking about a while ago is one. Obama’s presidency is now
written in stone in America’s history and unchanging mark that will definitely how the nation
progresses onwards. The civil rights movements that are constantly acting as watchdogs and are
always standing up in the face of oppression and injustice. Encroachment of African American
families in former pure White neighborhoods is also a milestone in its own way.
Do you think White Americans face discrimination in any way?
White Americans are incapable of facing discrimination as most of the systems in place
are present to empower the white man more. Much of the current authority is controlled by the
White American and decades of being in power will have set in place systems that inhibit the
reversal of the same power from him.
Do other races such as Asian American’s face similar discrimination as blacks?
Surname 7
I do believe that other races do face some kind of racial discrimination, you may view that
kind of discrimination by looking at the deprivation of factors such as health amenities and
infrastructure. Concrete proof of discrimination against other races is the wall being built along
the America-Mexican border. The wall’s purpose seems to be to prevent the Mexicans from getting
into America.
Discrimination, prejudice, and inequality is a highly discussed matter and in all their forms
take a negative toll on society by oppressing a certain group of individuals and in that form creating
a much-unwanted outcome. If all the different factions in the society work together better outcomes
will be witnessed as there is a diversification of ideas and ideologies. It is also visible that there is
no weak faction in society as recent events have proven that if only given a role to play, a better
outcome is to be expected.
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