Year-End Review

Surname 1
Year-End Review
Q3 and Q4 Accomplishments
In experiential learning, the actual learning often comes after the work when one has the
chance to reflect upon what he or she has experienced or learned. Self-reflection is an important
aspect of learning, although it is not a novel idea. Reflecting on one’s actions and concrete
experiences often leads individuals to recognize that their experiences have created new ways of
perceiving learned theory. I have learned so much this year to be a good manager to the team,
especially my training techniques and communication with each team member. I was involved in
decision-making and improvement towards to each person’s growth and productivity. The
amount of effort, training, and leadership I put into making the team successful from day-to-day
day requests to this year’s firm conferences were my focus and goal setting to be an effective
Some of the accomplishments and contribution include slide library file, TSSP offsite and
new TSSP logos, training, LP conference, department’s workflow guide and outlook signatures,
as well as software research and beta testing.
Slide Library Files
With regard to slide library files, besides the continuous update of the firm’s template
slide library files, I included some of the changes suggested by the team to make their tasks
Surname 2
TSSP Offsite and New TSSP Logos
For the TSSP Offsite and New TSSP logos, I took initiative to work with Cindy in TSSP
to create and update the TSSP new branding logos (16 logos) to incorporate them to the offsite
presentations and outlook signature. I also updated these in the slide library and logos folder for
easy access for the team.
Training was tailored from needs assessments to customized courses on and
was both innovative and hands-on. Exercises and assessments files were intended to measure
one’s improvement level and skill set with live request practices, mentoring, formatting
knowledge, and best practices. One-on-One training in the conference and review sessions also
gave trainee the privacy to address any questions and concerns they might have had. Elearning
training courses on were carefully chosen and customized to improve the team’s
knowledge of the software that is in use in the department.
LP Conference
This year was largely a successful one for the LP conference. Measuring the success of
any event is a critical yet overwhelming task. However, it is worth noting that attendance is an
excellent way of gauging the success of an event such as a conference, and attendees constitute a
vital component. This year’s LP conference can be termed as a success not only because many
preparations were in place prior to the conference, but also because the selection of the right
team members for the Graphics’ TEE and GTT team was accomplished. There was also active
communications to the TEE and GTT team to manage expectations, the project was managed
from pre- and post-conference to make sure everything ran smoothly, met deadlines, and clients
were satisfied.
Surname 3
During on-site, it was my duty to manage the project and supervise every aspect of the
GTT requests from concept through completion. Even though there is always room for
improvement, I was happy with the overall performance the team and its contribution to this
year’s LP conference. Feedback were positive and additional info helped me in accessing
training needs to be developed to help individuals to accomplish their goals and objectives for
upcoming ARR and Real Estate investors meeting.
Department’s Workflow Guide and Outlook Signatures
I accomplished the department’s workflow guide and outlook signatures in the process of
updating department material for the team to use for reference.
Software research and Beta Testing
In addition to project management and training, I also performed software research and
beta testing for new software applications and development for different departments. The
Growth department requested to have a tool to help to display pictures in slideshow format that
loops with transitions and continue to run on their two monitors for Windows. After testing ten
image viewing software, one software was found to perform this task and it supported an
extensive list of formats with very low system resources requirements. The Graphics Department
research and initial QA tested five font management programs that the Graphics team could use
without needed to have IT install the fonts on their computer. They found one that was best
suitable the graphics team and was ready to implement to the team. The IT department was to
make certain the firm’s conversion macro and template were working on new laptops with new
Windows 10 and 2016 PowerPoint. The IT staff completed testing on two laptops and is
currently working on testing on the latest laptop that soon will roll out to the entire firm.
Surname 4
Strengths and Areas for Development
The intention is to continue improving the project management techniques to manage
department’s complex initiatives and recommendations in a manner that is more effective.
Training Needs
Some of the training needs that have been identified include:
A) Working on elearning courses on to become an effective leader and
communicator, as well as giving and receiving feedback.
B) Working continuously on adding more add-ins and shortcuts to the PowerPoint software
to simplify presentation formatting needs. This will require time, research, and self-
training if it is to be successful.
Career Interests
Career interests are a reflection of an individual’s preferences for certain kinds of work
and work environments. In this regard, aligning one’s interests with the requisite work
environment not only leads to increased job satisfaction, but also a higher likelihood for attaining
career success. My career interest is to reach the next level of project management with PMP.
This is informed by the fact that certification creates better project managers and that projects
manned by certified managers are likely to succeed compared to those without PMPs. There has
been a growth in the number of trained project managers because clients are demanding to have
them on their projects. Attaining certification in project management will indicate that I possess
some level of expertise and knowledge, and that I am able to work competently in a project
2017 Performance Summary
Surname 5
I am happy with my overall performance and contribution this year. I have been a
valuable member to the team and the department, whether as regards daily requests, special
projects, software training, conferences, and technology recommendations. I have learnt to
improve my communication, increase motivation, and deal with conflict and build better
Employee Evaluation
I am a role model and, therefore, I am obsessed with attention to details and know how to
implement change and address solution to complex situations. I am great at project managing to
get things delivered and great in making leadership and management recommendations.

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